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Prof. Gu

Prof. Gu’s research is on experimental mechanics of nanoscale solids. Her group combines solid mechanics, materials science and chemistry to make nanostructures and architected composites, and develops experimental techniques to detect nanoscale loads, displacements and structural changes. One major area of research in the group is in-situ electron microscope mechanical testing of metallic nanocrystals, in order to learn about the influence of defects, interfaces and free surfaces on strength, ductility and failure in metals. Our research findings can be applied to areas such as lightweight structural materials for fuel-efficient vehicles, nanoscale 3D printing, and strong and tough metallic alloys.


Tension test on a notched platinum nanopillar (~100 nm) inside of a scanning electron microscope

Ultra strong and lightweight Cu meso-lattice made with two-photon lithography

Self-assembled monolayer of polymer-grafted Au nanocrystals with tunable mechanical properties