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Prof. Pinsky

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Prof. Pinsky works in the theory and practice of computational mechanics with a particular interest in multiphysics problems in biomechanics. His work uses the close coupling of techniques for molecular, statistical and continuum mechanics with biology, chemistry and clinical science. Areas of current interest include soft tissue mechanics and the mechanics of human vision (ocular mechanics). Topics in tissue mechanics include multiphasic (solid-fluid-ionic) modeling based on thermodynamics, statistical mechanics and computational methods.  Topics in the mechanics of vision include the mechanics of transparency, which investigates the mechanisms by which corneal tissue self-organizes at the molecular scale using collagen-proteoglycan-ion interactions to provide mechanical resilience and almost perfect transparency; modeling metabolic and swelling processes in soft tissues; imaging applied to microscale organization of soft tissues for clinical applications aimed at improving vision and investigating the mechanical behavior of diseased tissues.

Model for the electro-mechanics of collagen-proteoglycan interaction
Finite element model results predicting post-surgical swelling in the human cornea